Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

It is common to see kids and teens with braces and orthodontics in our country.  There happens to be a lot of good reasons for adults to consider orthodontics for themselves as well.  Aside from the obvious benefit of a beautiful smile with straight teeth, adults should consider orthodontics for themselves for the following reasons:

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain
  • Reduced wear, chipping and notching of teeth
  • Improved prognosis and outcome for dental restorations
  • Improved function

Straight Teeth are Easier to Clean and Maintain

It is much easier removing food, plaque and bacteria from properly aligned teeth.  Crowded, tipped, rotated or misaligned teeth are harder to keep clean and the trapped debris around and between the teeth can lead to soft tissue irritation, inflammation of the gums, periodontal pockets, recession, bone loss and periodontal disease.

Brushing and flossing are easier and more effective when the teeth are in their proper position.  Patients with straight teeth typically have less plaque retention, tooth decay and risk of gum disease.

The Dental Hygienist would also have increased access and ability to reach and clean in between and around the teeth, when the teeth are not tilted, rotated or angled in such a way that would limit proper access to the roots and teeth.

Reduced Wear, Chipping and Notching Of Teeth

Teeth that are not in their ideal position and alignment are more likely to thin, wear, chip, notch or break over time; in comparison to teeth which are positioned and contacting properly.

Some of the thinning and wearing of the tips or edges of the teeth, which adults experience over time, can be reduced by aligning and balancing the way the teeth come together.

The flexural forces on teeth after years and years of occluding or chewing improperly, can often times lead to notching or chipping of the teeth along the gum line and increased sensitivity in those areas.  Correcting the bite and ensuring that the teeth are loading and chewing properly will help reduce these notches or abfractions along the gum line.

Improved Prognosis and Outcome for Dental Restorations

The vast majority of the dental work that Dentists place is in response to either decay, broken or traumatized teeth.  Those restorations will last longer when the teeth have an ideal occlusion and are placed properly within the arch form.

Many of our restorations are also more conservative and smaller (which makes them less likely to be sensitive), when the teeth are properly aligned.  Tipped, rotated or worn teeth often require far more extensive restorations or fillings to access and treat, which also adversely affects the long-term prognosis for that restoration and tooth.

Many adults, who have large existing fillings, are also more prone to the cracking or breaking of those weakened teeth, if their occlusion is causing additional stress on the weakened cusps and teeth.  There is a lower incidence of broken teeth and eventual crowns on adults whose teeth bite and chew properly.

Improved Function

Straight and properly occluding teeth chew and function better and more efficiently than misaligned teeth.  The jaws open and close smoother and there is less stress and impact on the temporomandibular joint and supporting structures.  When an individual’s bite is not right, there is repeated stress, higher incidence of clenching, grinding and undue forces on their TMJ which will increase the likelihood of problems in that area over time.

Adult Orthodontic Options

Feel free to talk to any of our Dentists about your Orthodontic options.  Some cases can be addressed and corrected at our office with Clear Invisalign Retainers which help correct the bite and straighten the teeth; while other cases might be best addressed with a referral for a consultation with one of our local Orthodontists.

(Excerpts from the Academy of General Dentistry and ADA Websites)