Skyline News – July 2024 – Welcome Dr. Macy Huettl

Please Welcome Dr. Macy Huettl to Skyline Dental The growth of our practice and the importance of being able to provide timely care and personalized service for our patients have necessitated the addition of another Dentist to our office.  Please join us in welcoming Dr. Macy Huettl to Skyline Dental!  Her last name is pronounced […]

Silver Diamine Fluoride: A New Tool in the Management of Tooth Decay and Sensitivity

Dentists have traditionally treated tooth decay with fillings, but an alternative tooth decay management technique which has successfully been used in other countries is gaining acceptance and becoming an alternative option for management of tooth decay in certain cases. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a ‘liquid antibiotic’ that can be applied in certain cases to […]

April 2023 Skyline News – Let’s talk Dental Insurance

DENTAL  INSURANCE  OVERVIEW We are often asked about our thoughts on dental insurance, so we decided to devote this issue of our Quarterly Newsletter to provide guidance and advice for our patients who are interested in purchasing or maintaining their dental insurance plans. The best resource on dental insurance is any one of our Front […]

What To Know About Dental X-Rays

Understanding Dental X-Rays Benefits of Dental X-Rays Dental X-rays help us detect cavities, infections, gum disease, cysts, tumors and developmental abnormalities much sooner than waiting for these problems to get large or advanced enough to become evident to the naked eye; or painful enough to become uncomfortable and noticeable to the patient. Dentistry has led […]

Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

It is common to see kids and teens with braces and orthodontics in our country.  There happens to be a lot of good reasons for adults to consider orthodontics for themselves as well.  Aside from the obvious benefit of a beautiful smile with straight teeth, adults should consider orthodontics for themselves for the following reasons: […]